Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself.

All too often we place so much pressure on ourselves to achieve our goals and a common mistake is not celebrating the little wins in between. That’s a key element to goal setting; being able to enjoy the little episodes of progress before achieving that grand target. This is often dubbed as being able to... Continue Reading →

Looking On.

It's been almost a year since the dark clouds of the COVID19 pandemic took a toll on our livelihoods and at this point, we are all starting to wonder whether there will indeed be an end to all of it. We've been plagued with immense uncertainty coupled up with the almost 'free-styling' nature of the... Continue Reading →

Tough Times Never Last.

Uncertainty. Instability. Anxiety.Those words, amongst others, have been the emotions consuming each and every one of our lives over the past few weeks and potentially, will continue to do so for the next couple more. The coronavirus or as its scientific term goes, COVID19, has been the latest pandemic felt across the entire globe.Going over... Continue Reading →

Running Your Own Race.

At a certain point in life, many of us will reach a stage where things seem to become extremely overwhelming. Being continually submerged by the vast amount of goals, dreams and ambitions we have can give the impression that our time is running out. Furthermore, what doesn't help this case is this particular age of... Continue Reading →

The Selfish Years.

This one's a short one. Over the course of our lives, we're faced with many challenges. But arguably, the majority of these challenges arrive when we approach our 20's. It's an age bracket which is plagued with a variety of views. Some positive, some negative, some even neutral. Up until our 20's, we are kept... Continue Reading →

What they don’t teach us in school.

A life of wealth and riches is a dream that most, if not all, young people aspire to make a reality. However, when the question "Where do you see yourself in 10 years?" gets thrown into the mix, it has been made apparent to me that a lot of young individuals have been blinded as to what it really means to be financially wealthy...

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